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SQLite Forensics Explorer for Extract Evidence from SQLite Database 
SQLite Forensics Explorer

Use SQLite Forensics Explorer for complete analysis of SQLite database and get evidence from corrupted and deleted SQLite database.

About SQLite Forensics Analysis Tool

SQLite program is the simple and open source RDBMS (relational database management system) that is well suitable for developing applications (software), Operating System, High volume websites, Embedded devices, Internet browsers etc. SQLite Forensics Explorer Software is developed for forensics investigation of SQLite database because at present time many social applications (Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat), web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox), Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux), email clients (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express) and smart phones are using SQLite database so in many criminal cases SQLite database is used directly and indirectly. SQLite Forensics Analysis Tool is helpful for provide proper electronic evidence from SQLite database because it has facility to recover corrupted and deleted SQLite database files and export evidence into CSV, PDF and HTML formats. The tool supports all SQLite formats like .db, .db3, .sqlite, .sqlite3 and others.

SQLite Forensics Explorer Advance Features

  • Index large size SQLite databases
  • Freedom to add multiple SQLite databases one by one
  • Recover important data from corrupted journal files
  • Color schema for data type categorization
  • Recover permanently deleted data from SQLite database files
  • Support BLOB data types (voice, image, video)
  • Hex view of SQLite database
  • Export data into CSV, HTML and PDF formats
  • Facility to analyze every format of SQLite database
  • Successfully works with all Windows OS

Software for SQLite Forensics

Conclusion: Most forensics experts prefer to use SQLite Forensics Explorer professional software because it is capable to deep analysis of SQLite database, recover deleted/corrupted SQLite database and after that save (export) data into several formats like CSV, HTML and PDF.
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